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Book Review: The Maze Runner Trilogy

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so here are my reviews for the Maze Runner Trilogy which I absolutely love— 
I wrote these the moment I finished reading each of them [so sorry if I sound so emotional HAHA].   Take note though that there are A LOT of spoilers so— YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Hope you enjoy reading me being so dramatic and affected by the story. smh James Dashner smh.
(picture is by me)

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is an extraordinary book.

That's the best way I can put it.  

It's amazing.

This book is the epitome of everything I look for in a book:  mystery, suspense, action, even a little bit of horror.  This book isn't all fun and games.  It's dead serious.  Once you've read it, there's no turning back.

This book can change you. It changes your views on other books: it makes all the other books you've read into a joke, a laughing stock. There's no other book in the world that's as badass as this. No one is as tough as these guys.  

Everything about the book is perfect: the mystery that tugs at you in every page, the horror which creeps in you and makes you squint involuntarily.  The action never fails to avoid boredom.  A little love that makes the story spin around. Not too much, not too little.  All its elements in perfect amount.  

But there's one element that kills the reader more than it does the characters:

The plot twists. 

In the middle parts of the book, and most especially in the ending.

James Dashner, you are a genius.

The Scorch Trials

Two words: It kills.

Not the characters— the readers.

If there's one element that the author proved to be good at—it's his effectiveness.

He has ability to stir up layer upon layer of emotion.

And I bet he has no remorse over the roller coaster ride of a journey I've had reading this book.

What's real, what's not? You like love? Let Dashner screw it for you. You want to be crazy? How much emotion and pain can you withstand? Are you good with a bit of frustration? Because you'll need good toleration when reading. What about confusion? Can you handle too much of that?  Will you allow the author to toy with your emotions? Are you a survivor?

I can't take it.

I probably said this phrase repeatedly too many times in different languages.

Are you as strong as the Gladers? 'Cause if you are, you have a decent chance of surviving this hell in paper.  But don't worry. You'll still have trauma to deal with after the book. 

Once you've finished, you'll never be the same.

This book is a drug.

I watch it destroy me, yet I find myself addicted to it: turning page after page hurting my self all over again.

And I know I can't stop till I finish the entire trilogy.  


Hope. Hope that things will get better. 

I am warning you. You think I'm exaggerating throughout this entire book review even until the moment you've read this. But I'm not. I myself am a witness. I read without thinking twice about what I'm dealing with.  I bit more than I can chew, they say.  And now I'm a sorry mess like a Crank who's dead yet alive and looking for a way out of this crazed stupor that I'm in.  A crazed stupor which drives me to know more about the story even if I'm losing myself and destroying myself in the process.

A disease implanted in my mind saying that I need more to read.

The Death Cure

WICKED is good.

I knew this would be the last words of the book from the moment I opened it.

And that's not the only thing I guessed would happen before I actually read it.  I knew Thomas would end up with Brenda.  That Teresa will die to save Thomas somehow.  That they will go back to the Maze. That they will face the Grievers one more time.  That Chancellor Paige would save them.

I knew all of this would happen.

Because it was Predictable.  

(I'm not saying that it's a bad thing because, I'd like to say that me and Dashner have the same way of thinking. That's all. I guess we're both really really smart hehe).

And that's not the only word that comes in mind when you say The Death Cure.

There's: Depressing, Hopeless, Frustrating, Painful.

Those were all the emotions I felt when reading this book. 

Dashner is still a genius.  The plot twists are still there—annoying as ever. But there's something else that grew in the story other than the characters or the plot— it's the frustration.

Frustration has been growing within me, until I turned numb. I was spent.  I was worn out with too much pain.  I became hopeless, even before the book ended. And finding out in the end that I was right to be hopeless—I became depressed.


That's another word that describes the book.

I have no right to say this but I just want to let it out:  Nothing that I wanted to happen, happened.   

I wanted to learn about Thomas' hidden memories.  About him and Teresa. I wanted him to crack his stubbornness, stop being selfish and help find a cure.  I wanted him to think for a second that he'd been cruel to Teresa.

But that's not why the word Unfair came into the picture.

It's Unfair for Teresa.  

She went through too much klunk to die in the end for a guy who didn't appreciate her for the klunk she tolerated for him in the first palce.  For a guy who ran off with someone else in the end.

I have to say that I am well aware of the fact that Dashner was a genius (as always) in constructing a horrifying yet satisfactory ending (sans the resolution to the love story, because I am definitely agonized by it, yes I am a Thomas, Teresa shipper). It actually is a good conclusion.  

For the rest of the world to die, and allow Thomas to be free.

I didn't like Thomas so much in the end, but that's not the goal of the book. To like all characters and agree with each and every one of them. 

The goal is to make an amazing story, be able to write it in words. 

And Dashner was still able to do that.


  1. Wow. Just wow. Your review was really really good. It was simple yet precise (I'm taking note that you wrote this RIGHT AFTER reading the trilogy. I was an empty shell, lying on my bed after reading the whole three books back to back to back)

    I SO agree with you about the Teresa thing! (And yes, I'm a Thomas/Teresa shipper too) I didn't like TMR at first but TST was infinitely better for me.

    Just thinking, have you read the companion books? I know there are A LOT of unanswered questions but the companion books (The Kill Order and The Maze Runner Files) provided me a sliver of light. Not all queries were answered but they shed a little light of understanding :)

    Okay, this might sound like a plug but maybe you can check out my own TMR series review on my blog too and compare notes? You can find it HERE! hope to hear from you! :D

    Ailla @ Le Bibliophile~

    1. Hi Ailla! I am such a huge Maze Runner fan / Runner! I read your review— I always love knowing more about others' opinion on the series, and can I just say— we felt the exact same thing towards each book! It's so amusing/amazing!!

      I DEFINITELY wanted Thomas to get his memories back and it really frustrated me that he didn't! Also— I AM THOMAS TERESA SHIPPER TOO!! I really can't wait for the movie (the trailer was beautiful!!!!)

      I absolutely hope to hear more from you especially since it seems like we have so much in common when it comes to books! :)

      ~sincerely a BookBeastie,

    2. I know right?! When I saw the reviews you guys have made, I literally told myself, I found some new buddies! It's rare to find readers like you whom I share the same interests when it comes to books. Wow!

      And YES! I cannot wait for the movie! ugh! The trailer was perf and so is Dylan O' brien *fangirls*

      Keep in touch (and sorry for the comment spree haha)

      Ailla <3