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Thoughts/Rants on PJO and HoO

This is a very random rant.
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Okay so PJO/HoO is one of my main loves in reading— I am a HUGE FAN of Percy Jackson *cry*.

So here are some random thoughts:

If you notice, in the PJO/HoO fandom there are those type of fans who—
Are undecided for their love for Jason
Are undecided for their love for Piper

Because almost everyone agrees that Percy, Leo and Nico deserve a lot of love lol.

I'll be honest— I'm not a fan of either Jason or Piper.  I don't find them the most interesting of characters.  I guess Lyanna can agree with me on that.  (wow Lyanna you're part of the discussion!)

I guess they're just not the same as Percy and Annabeth :(  You're going to say let's not compare but really, what Percabeth did is raise the standard of ships in HoO.  I just find Piper a little too clingy HAHA.

But I've got no problem with Frank and Hazel— I love them they are so cute omggg.  They're pretty special demigods.  But to be honest, I shipped Hazel with Leo before HoH because of the interesting chemistry between the two lol.  But later I realized Frank and Hazel are a more perfect fit.

Leo took some warming up for me.  I mean, his POV is definitely enjoyable— who doesn't find his POV funny?— but it was his personality that I had to get used to. He's unhappy, but does his best to show the opposite everyday— which really saddened me, and got me to think more about how he uses humor as a defense mechanism. He's so pained inside: lonely (being the seventh wheel and all), hurt (because of the death of his mom and his love for Calypso—



So HONESTLY I didn't ship Caleo at first. *gasp* I know!  I thought at that time that Leo was practically jacking Percy's style. Also—I thought,— doesn't this entire chapter make Percy look bad?  I mean look,— It made Percy look like a jerk for leaving Calypso in Ogygia, broken hearted.  I know it looked bad while we were reading it but I don't know, I felt sympathetic towards Percy during the entire House of Hades because he wan't really feeling above par in Tartarus.  And thinking about it more— why didn't we give Calypso a second thought, either? Because there was always a new threat coming in Percy's life and we always focused on that.  Anyways, as huge fangirls always do— I reread House of Hades.  And they surprisingly started to warm up to me.  But it still bothers me that if Leo does save Calypso and there's an accidental bump up with Percy and Annabeth— talk about awkward. Also, it saddens me how Calypso cursed Percy— he sounded so hurt at the time, poor Percy awwww haha. ALSO, THERE IS A NEED TO DIFFERENTIATE  LEO AND PERCY. Leo and Percy have very distinct personalities— yes their POVs are considered more humorous than the others' in the Seven— but again, their character differs.  Percy is a fighter; Leo is a tinkerer, etc., etc.

As of of the rest of the other ships—




Another killer question: WOULD YOU SHIP IT?!?!?!

I seriously don't know if I should prepare myself and learn to love them or if it will come naturally— I mean, if Uncle Rick really will pair them together then I'd be interested to find out how he does it.
There still are a lot things that he does which really surprise us. You may say that the plot is practically Disney which makes things predictable but—really, he leaves things as a mix of unpredictable and predictable which really creates a blend of unexpected. That's just how I see it.

Another thing that I'd like to talk about—

If you noticed, in HoH everyone of the Seven had some sort of an upgrade.  Imagine skill points being added to a Sim— so there are points being added to Frank for being praetor, Piper for improving on charmspeak, Hazel for learning the art of manipulation of the Mist.  Leo and Jason are as skilful as ever.
Throughout HoH the remaining Seven in Argo II have been vocal about their need for Annabeth, being their leader/strategist and etc. so her number of points  is  the same.  (shoutout to Patrice for making me play Sims 3 again haha). But come to think of it, all I can think of for Percy is a downgrade. I'm thinking about the time that he almost tortured Misery.  That he was unfair with Bob.  Yep.  Downgrade. (but interestingly enough, while I was rereading HoH Percy did have some unexplained abilities which Annabeth has been noting so I'll watch out for that).

So to think about it:

Everyone in the Seven has a role— everyone but Percy.

So you'll say that he's their number one fighter— but everyone in the Seven is a fighter, and Frank being a son of Mars, can stand up to that.  You'll say that he's a leader— but there's Annabeth and Jason for that.  You'll say he'll be the one to save the day— but it'll be too redundant and in HoH Rick made it clear that Piper, Leo, and Jason will be the ones who'll have major roles/decisions in BoO. Hazel stands out in the Seven— if you look at her abilities they're unique, which makes her a valuable player.  The same can be said for Leo, especially since he's captain of Argo II.

Which leaves Percy.

Hera said he's the glue.  What's that supposed to mean?? (HAHA.) What does being the glue have to do with making major decisions of plot twists in BoO?

I guess we'll find out.


  1. ohmygods! My thoughts have been laid down in front of me. IN WORDS! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT FOR BoO! I agree with everything (well almost) Though I shipped CaLeo (HARD) even when they weren't canon yet lol and yes I agree about the seven (or six, in your opinion) getting an upgrade in HoH. I wasn't a big fan of Hazel, Frank, Piper, and Jason during the first three books but HoH made me love them.

    About the last part, I have my own thoughts on WHY PERCY IS SO IMPORTANT and why is he the "glue" but I'm writing this as of 2am in the morning so I don't think I can put those thoughts into words. YES I AM FANGIRLING IN MY ROOM, ON MY OWN, AT 2 IN THE MORNING.

    Lastly, can I point out how YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING?! I rarely see bloggers who has a thing for PJO/HOO since the "target audience" is MG while most bloggers usually blog about YA/NA (I love YA/NA too though!) and it's so refreshing to see co-demigods in the blogosphere!

    Anyway sorry for the rant. I tend to get over excited (see reason above). Hope to see more posts from you guys! :D

    Yours in demigodishness, and all that. Peace out!
    Ailla @ Le Bibliophile~

    1. Hi Ailla! It's me— Lea — again! HAHA! We just have so much favourite books in common that it's so cool!

      If I had to choose a main fandom for myself— it would definitely be PJO (and eventually HoO). So I would never leave this out when proclaiming my love for books!! It really doesn't matter if the target audience is for 12 yrs olds— Uncle Rick did say that even grandmothers read his books and show up at book signing events HAHA! No shame for me!

      I AM SO EXCITED FOR BoO TOO THAT I CAN'T EVEN!! My being impatient was what compelled me to writing this rant! October just feels so far away— but I won't deny that I need time to digest the fact that Blood of Olympus is (as of now) the last book that Uncle Rick will write about Percy Jackson *cries*

      It's always great to meet another demigod and we should really fangirl when BoO comes out :D

      ~Yours in demigodishness,

    2. Awesomesauce!

      Thanks for replying :) And yes, we definitely WILL fangirl once BoO comes out. I'm ambivalent because though I want to read it already, I don't think I'm ready for it to end *joins your crying-spree*

      Oh well, I'll keep in touch ;) nice blog btw!

      Ailla <3