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Book Review: Head Over Heart

Title: Head Over Heart (previously named Etoile)
Author: Olivia Besse
Published: March 3, 2013
Publisher: Wunderland Press
Reviewer: Lyanna
Rating: 4 stars


From afar, Elodie Marais is just a typical 19-year old girl roughing it in Manhattan. She hates her job, her love life sucks and she's totally getting ripped off by her landlord. Like most of her starry-eyed peers, she'll do anything for the Triple P's—Prada, a Promotion and the elusive Perfect Boyfriend. But Elodie and her friends aren't your average new adults who are bored to tears by their uninspiring lives—they're fashion models.

Just as she's starting to make waves in the modelling world, two very different men vie for her doe-eyed attention. She may get Prada, she may even get that promotion, but maybe finding the perfect boyfriend was going to be more complicated than she thought. 

This book is intended for mature readers.


Olivia Besse is fast becoming one of my favourite NA authors.

I've had my eyes set on Ms. Besse ever since reading Since Forever Ago which I loved immensely, so much so that I decided to pick up Head Over Heart (previously named Etoile) and -- as expected -- I enjoyed it just as much. 

I have a fondness for Olivia Besse's writing style and characters. They have a certain … rawness to them. it's like Olivia has a "no-bullshit" policy and I sure as hell would like every author to follow as well. Her characters are authentic, they aren't lathered in self-righteous oil and cooked to moral perfection, because in reality humans are heavily flawed and Olivia's characters are just that.

Head Over Heart is set in New York City where Elodie Marais -- a struggling model -- goes through life one day at a time.

Though I wouldn't exactly say I like Elodie, but I can't say I blame her either. She's dong what she needs to do to get through this thing called "life" and I know that I or anyone else in her position would do the same. I do admire her determination, she sets her sights on something and she moves heaven and hell to get it. She's struggling with low self-esteem but instead of letting it ruin her further, she grasps it in her palm and uses it to push harder and strive for calibre. I know a strong-willed woman when I see her.

The crude truths to modelling and media took me aback, I've had some assumptions and perhaps a blurred view of what goes on behind those magazine ads and exorbitant fashion shows but to really know just how much these models go through and sacrifice to look like how they do makes me appreciate my calories.

The romance is hot hot hot! I'm definitely Team Tyler all the way so that ending sort of made me, oh I don't know, really mad.

Ending aside, I rate books by their writing, plot and characters. Head Over Heart has a stellar cast of characters and an astounding writer to tell their story, plot, however needs development, but I'm disregarding this due to the fact that I enjoyed reading immensely and rarely find that kind of connection with books nowadays.

I've got to get the next book soon before I start exploding all over the place!

Received a copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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