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Book Review: How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True

Title: How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True
Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
Publication Date: 23 April 2013
Publisher: Balzer  + Bray
Reviewer: Lyanna


When cousins Zoe and Jess land summer internships at the Fairyland Kingdom theme park, they are sure they've hit the jackpot. With perks like hot Abercrombie-like Prince Charmings and a chance to win the coveted $25,000 Dream & Do grant, what more could a girl want?

Once Zoe arrives, however, she's assigned to serve "The Queen"-Fairyland's boss from hell. From spoon-feeding her evil lapdog caviar, to fetching midnight sleeping tonics, Zoe fears she might not have what it takes to survive the summer, much less win the money.

Soon backstabbing interns, a runaway Cinderella, and cutthroat competition make Zoe's job more like a nightmare than a fairy tale. What will happen when Zoe is forced to choose between serving The Queen and saving the prince of her dreams? 


"it's the Prince Charming cologne." 
"The what?" 
"Apparently it's made from rare Amazonian orchids. They keep it under lock and key in Wardrobe just for the princes, because it has, um, certain powerful *pheromones." 
*Chemicals secreted outside the body in order to elicit a response - fear, distaste, hunger, lust
How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True (wow that was a mouthful!) was hilarious. I didn't plan on reviewing this book mainly because I only picked it up out of a desperate need for entertainment and not because a publisher asked for my "honest opinion," regardless I think this book deserves some justice.

HZMHDMCT (it's long even when abbreviated!) is basically: Sherlock Holmes + Devil Wears Prada + Contemporary Romance + Fairytale shit.

Although the Sherlock Holmes aspect is debatable, I bet many will argue that it was "shallow," "predictable," "insubstantial," yada yada yada - shh! Zip it! ZIP! I'm placing my negative pants away because my legs are undeniably suffocating! Let's all be positive for a while, shall we?

My 3-star rating can speak for itself, because while this book might not have that

factor, it certainly isn't

either. So whether or not you decide to read this, keep in mind that everyone's reactions to it may vary. Mine is significantly positive probably because I got exactly what I bargained for when I picked it up.

So! [rubs hands together], now for the juicy parts!

What won those three stars were:

The Queen (aka Miranda Priestly 2.0)

"Ma'am are you okay?" 
"I most certainly am not! There is a mote in my eye, Zoe, and I need you here post-haste to remove it." 
"Just blink," I said. 
"What do you think I've been doing? I've been blinking so much, my eyelids have biceps!"
She wasn't cruel, not really. She just really loves Fairyland (the theme park) and would do almost anything to ensure its success. Like Zoe, I've come to respect the Queen in a cold, detached sort of way. As an aspiring lawyer, I can't help but appreciate her steadfast administration of the rules (no matter how dumb-ass they were). 

Prince Charmings 



Overall hilariousness & cuteness of everything

I wouldn't confidently dub this book as a 'light-read'  but it sure does lighten the mood. It's an overall happy book, and I think we all need a bit more of 'happy' in our lives, right? Sure it doesn't fail to teach us a thing or two about unhealthy competition, HZMHDMCT has a solid point driven home. I like that. 

I really liked it, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if some plot twists were poorly hidden, or if the overall outcome was predictable, it doesn't matter if this book wasn't that Wow!, what matters is its relationship with the reader and I feel like a lot of book reviewers fail to see that nowadays. Its not always about character development, world-building and plot twists. Sometimes you have to drag out your inner wide-eyed, dreaming 7-year old princess and just go with it, have fun and stop being negative!

P. S. I don't think the last part of my review had anything to do with the book hahah! just ranting

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